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About Us | Sales System Team Ltd.

Sales System Team Ltd. was founded by a couple and established as a family business in 2011. Our business is designed to supply meat products to small and large trade customers across Europe. At Sales System Team Ltd. we aim to offer full satisfaction to all our customers through high quality products, competitive pricing and, commitment to service delivery. Through our commitment to quality, our products are selected with care from our chosen suppliers, all of whom meet the highest industry standards. We base our offerings on customer requirements. The products are offered fresh and frozen, whole or cut for:

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Pork

Balazs Budai
Executive Director

OUR PRODUCTS | Fresh and Frozen raw meat

Chicken Products

Our offering are based on customer requirements, which include fresh and frozen, whole or cut chicken, selected carefully from our …


Pork Products

With the utmost attention to our partners’ needs, the main profile of our company is the production of fresh or frozen pork meat…


Turkey Products

More and more people are eating meat made from turkey, in the last four years the consumption of turkey has quadrupled. Its dry, white and …



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They have been shipping our products since 2011. I’m happy with their work. It’s a flexible, reliable
team. They always fulfill my special requests helpfully. I feel like I can count on them for a long time.
F. Jozsef, Food trading company
Among our partners we had one who were proficient and expensive, and those who were cheap and
made a lot of mistakes. There were also some bugs with the Sales System Team Ltd. at the beginning, but we could discuss them all. With more attention to our product range, these mistakes have disappeared today. They just simply do their job quickly and accurately. This is what I expect from a trader.
I can only recommend the Sales System Team Ltd.”
K. Tibor, Food trading company


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